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ryulion avatarStarted doing Web Development, as a Student Employee for San Diego County of Information Services in 1998. Then continued with mainstream clients including law firms and real estate websites local to SoCal. Then started working full time for the Adult Industry in 2000, and have continued working in this industry. I now specialize in: Affiliate Management Software, CMS software (Elevated X and MAS), Traffic/RIO analyzing, adult business consulting, and of course increasing Organic Traffic to new and existing Web Sites. If you are looking for Industry Consulting, I'm here to help you! If you need professional designers or programmers I can recommend the ones I use that help me out day by day.

Email me for references. Go to the show picture galleries if you want to see all the conventions I've attended, and who I know in the industry. In the Trade Shows section you'll see a whole outline, and everything there is to know about adult conventions and booths.


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