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Terms: DirectLinks

DirectLinks is advanced feature that allows you to link directly to our site without additional parameters in the URL.
So for example, instead of: http://www.oursite.com/?a_aid=12345&a_bid=67890 you can use only:http://www.oursite.com

DirectLink advantages

This kind of linking has several advantages:

  • Visitor doesn’t know he is clicking on affiliate link
    many people are not so keen clicking on a link they recognize as affiliate link. If you’ll use affiliate links in your blog or review site, visitors will know that you earn commissions for the promoted products, and they would less likely believe in your review and click on the link.
    If you’ll use DirectLinks nobody will know you are promoting our products.
  • Visitor will not damage or remove your affiliate parameters
    there are people who don’t like to purchase through affiliate links, even if there is no disadvantage for them. Such people rather copy the URL to their browser and remove the affiliate parameters. You can protect yourself agains this using our affiliate link cloaker, but if you’ll use DirectLinks, you don’t need to worry about anything.

How it works

Visitor referred through DirectLink is recognized by the HTTP_REFERER information sent by the browser. It is the address of the page (if any) which referred the browser to the destination page.In short, when visitor clicks on a link on your page, the HTTP_REFERER will be address of your page.
Our system will then check this page in our database, finds that the page belongs to you, and assigns you the referral (and click).

This method is dependent on browser, so it is reliable on 90-99%. All the modern browsers send this information, and with the advantages mentioned below you can use it as your main linking method.

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